International Biogas Congress & Expo

International Biogas Congress & Expo

Erstellt von Silke Pöstinger in Veranstaltungen 10 Nov 2023

The International Biogas Congress & Expo brings together leading producers, suppliers, regulators and other engaged organisations over a two-day period. High-level speakers, experts in their field, will address a range of topical issues relating to the biogas sector.


Decarbonisation, net zero and energy security are set to be crucial topics in 2024 with renewable gas taking centre stage in helping companies and governments meet their goals.

Following on from the European Parliament’s target of 45% renewable energy consumption by 2030 and the European Union’s wish to increase biomethane production to 35bcm in the same timeframe, the biogas sector has an excellent opportunity to scale-up and show the world the merits of biomethane, bio-LNG, syngas and bio-CNG in the energy mix.


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