The 8th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Exhibition (APBE 2019)

The 8th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Exhibition (APBE 2019)

Erstellt von Silke Pöstinger in Veranstaltungen 14 Mrz 2019

Ranking among the world’s top biomass trade shows, APBE 2019 is going to be staged on a show floor of 18,000 sq.m with 200+ exhibitors. The 6th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Summit will give you a glimpse at the forefront of biomass technology.

What’s more, the show will be held under the same roof as 2019 China Heat Energy Exhibition (Heat China 2019) and the 11th Guangzhou Int’l Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2019 (PV Guangzhou 2019), offering more heating and energy solutions! Contact Sarah at for more information.


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