ISWA Beacon Conference on Food Waste, Composting Day – Nordic Biogas Conference

ISWA Beacon Conference on Food Waste, Composting Day – Nordic Biogas Conference

Erstellt von Sandra Uschnig in Veranstaltungen 05 Mrz 2019

ISWA Beacon Conference on Food Waste brings together the foremost international expertise in urban food waste collection and treatment. Listen to the case study experiences from the cities of Milan, Munich, San Francisco and Oslo.

The Beacon Conference is ISWA’s premier meeting format to showcase best practice and debate upcoming developments in the waste management industry. 

For the first time, the ISWA Beacon Conference on Food Waste will align with the Nordic Biogas Conference and Composting Day, organised by Avfall Norge (Waste Management Norway) with focus on Nordic biogas solutions, framework and potential, and the future of bio-waste treatment in Europe and beyond.

The applied combination of conferences and technical site tour visits offers international delegates a broad and expert view on both technologies, best practice and facility management.   

Moreover, the City of Oslo, the European Green Capital for 2019, is recognised as a leader for Biogas from food waste, including the production of liquified biogas for heavy vehicles. Oslo has several suitable plants for technical site visits including waste sorting and state of the art biogas plants. 

Participants can register for the Beacon Conference or the Nordic Biogas Conference or the Composting Day separately or see website for great value combination packages

ISWA Beacon Conference on Food Waste includes a technical site-visit (collection and sorting of food waste) to the Optibag system in Oslo.

Get the latest insights on organic waste, composting and biogas worldwide: Presentation by Marco Ricci, Chair of ISWA’s Working Group for Biological Treatment of Waste and other top experts.

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