Biogas: Pathways to 2030

Biogas: Pathways to 2030

Erstellt von Andreea Zdravkovic in Veranstaltungen 26 Mrz 2021

umans directly or indirectly generate over 105 billion tonnes of organic wastes globally each year, all of which release harmful methane and other greenhouse gas emissions directly into the atmosphere as they decompose. These organic wastes include food waste, sewage and garden wastes, food and drink processing wastes, and farm and agricultural wastes. Today only 2% of these are treated and recycled. By simply managing these important bioresources more effectively we can cut global GHG emissions by 10% by 2030.


Our forthcoming report “Biogas: Pathways to 2030” will map out how the global biogas industry can enable countries to deliver a 10% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The pathways put humanity back on track to deliver by 2030 on the ambitions of both the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals.


WBA is hosting a launch event for the report at 14h30 to 16h00 BST (UTC +1) on Monday, 29th March, 2021. 

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